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How a Fake ESA Letter Can Ruin your Vacation

Many people throughout the world have mental conditions which are debilitating. Issues such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, and various other types of mental illness do have treatments. Sometimes standard treatments are not enough, and people need to have a dog or cat as a pet for emotional support. These pets are called Emotional Support Animals (ESA). Getting such a pet requires a legitimate prescription from a mental health care provider.

What are ESA Letters?

An ESA letter is an official document that establishes your pet as a health requirement no matter where you go. Much as a blind person needs a seeing eye dog, people with emotional and mental disabilities can also benefit greatly from these pets. With a legitimate ESA letter, you can take your pet with you into any housing situation and travel on airlines and buses. If you have an ESA and need clearance to bring it with you anywhere, look into ESA Dog Registration.

Fake ESA Letters

There are numerous websites that offer ESA letters. Do not be fooled. Not all of them are legitimate. Services are available with real, licensed professionals to provide the appropriate prescription for your ESA dog and an authentic document establishing the pet as essential for health. Imagine getting all ready for a vacation, and when you get to the airline gate, they tell you that your ESA letter is not valid.

This will ruin your vacation. You can’t leave your animal behind, and you are stuck with a fake document, complicating issues even further. Avoid fake ESA letters readily offered online. It is not worth the risk. Instead, be sure you are using a genuinely caring, professional service to help you quickly get a real ESA letter for your dog. Then you can have a great vacation with your pet, and they are allowed on the plane with you.

Steps for Getting a Real ESA Letter

If this is your first time trying to establish a proper ESA letter for your emotional support dog, you probably have many questions. Overall information is easy to find online, so you can learn about the process. The most important step is to get a prescription from a licensed therapist. Learn all the details you can about the legalities of an ESA and ask your doctor about it.

You have to have a legitimate mental disability that is helped by an ESA dog or cat. This means that your doctor advises the use of such a pet as necessary for your health and well-being. Many mental health issues fall into this category. The fact of the matter is that 25% of all people will develop some mental health problem in their lives. If you are in this situation, a pet can help significantly, sometimes even better than other therapies.

Once you have established the prescription for your doctor, go to a legitimate online service to complete all other steps. This way, you don’t have to go through the work yourself. Services are fast and affordable for all people with this type of health concern.