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Low Cost Everglades Getaway

Sometimes, getting away from the cold and drudgery of winter is exactly what a family needs around the holidays. The Everglades is an ideal escape: a swampland National Park at the tip of Florida that offers the chance to enjoy warm weather, beautiful scenery, and a variety of wilderness tours. It’s a vacation option that families can afford, even on a budget.

It offers a variety of lodging available and an assortment of low-cost activities.

Flights to Florida

If you are close enough to Florida, then driving may be the simplest and least expensive way to get to the Everglades. Finding low-cost flights doesn’t have to be complicated, though. For example, there’s a common myth that the earlier you buy your tickets, the cheaper they will be. But if you buy your ticket no earlier than four months ahead of time, you’re more likely to get a lower price. Sites like can provide you with ticket prices from a variety of discount airline ticket websites. Sign up for flight alerts for your email or mobile phone, so that you can take advantage of lower ticket prices as soon as they’re available.

Hotels Close to the Everglades

There are a variety of fantastic hotels close to the Everglades National Park. The Redland hotel, for example, is a renowned turn-of-the-century landmark that offers easy access to the park and fantastic amenities. While there’s plenty of old world charm, the hotel also has wireless access. If you’re focused on lowering the cost of your vacation, consider alternative lodgings:

Flamingo Campground

Separate areas for RVs and tents. Electric and non-electric sites Great views of the bay Showers and bathrooms

Long Pine Key Campground

Large and comfortable Clean bathrooms close to campsites Close to hiking and biking trails Great chance to spend afternoons under the long pine trees Separate sites for trailers and campers

Everglades Adventures

Regardless of where you’re staying, there are plenty of opportunities to have fun in the Everglades. Consider renting kayaks with a guide and taking a tour through some of the most beautiful swampland. Taking part in an airboat trip is also a great way to explore the Everglades. Both types of trips are low-cost and low-impact, meaning that they have as little effect as possible on your wallet and on the delicate environment. There are also fantastic — and free — hikes you can take.

Anhinga Trail

This half-mile boardwalk is relatively easy and offers the chance to see wildlife, including gators, turtles, and anhingas, up-close (but not too close). There is a gift shop and guided tours are available.

Shark Valley

While the 65-foot tall viewing station is the trail’s final destination, the 13- mile paved trail is also lovely. You can walk, rent bikes, drive, or take the shuttle (for a fee). If you decide to bike or walk, be sure to bring plenty of water. Be aware, it costs $10 to get your car into the park, but you’ll see plenty of birds, gators, and turtles. The Everglades is one of the United States most beautiful and famous parks and an inexpensive vacation option for families on a budget. If you’re interested in sharing one of the most unique natural landscapes with your family, then consider visiting the Everglades National Park this winter.

Everglades Getaway
Everglades Getaway

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