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Seven Best Sights Of Chadar Trek

Chadar trek needs no introduction. Everyone who loves trekking or aspires to undertake trekking knows all about it. Without any doubt at all, one can say that this is among the most popular treks of the country.

Chadar trek, which follows along the Zanskar Gorge, is a 105km trek with breathtaking views. It has temperatures and terrain that put your physical and mental endurance to the test. The temperatures can drop as low as -35 degrees celcius. The best time for this trek is from January to February.

All this information becomes too scary and too much to process if you are planning to undertake this expedition without understanding the reward that awaits you on the trail. The trek offers so much in return however, that there’s not a single person you’ll ever come across who has done Chadar trek and doesn’t label this trek as “the journey of a lifetime.”

Here are a few noteworthy sights that one cannot afford to miss while on this trek.


Tilat Sumdo is the base camp or the starting point of the trek. One doesn’t normally expect to see a lot at a base camp, but Tilat Sumdo will leave you in awe. The overnight stay at the base camp gives you one of the most breathtaking views of the mountains that await you to scale them. The nights are chilly, and you gets to sleep under a clear sky with stars shining like little twinkling bulbs over you.


Waterfalls excite everyone, don’t they? A heavy stream of water falling over one’s head gives a sense of calm as well as adventure at the same time- but wait, plot twist. Imagine a waterfall, where the water doesn’t really fall!

Yes, you are reading it right. The infamous Nerak Fall of Chadar trek is frozen solid and looks almost magical. It can be a treat for sore eyes, and is unlike any waterfall that you might have seen before or stood under.


Halfway through the trek, you find a wooden bridge leading to Nerak village. The wooden bridge connects one mighty mountain end to another. The bridge sure looks scary and feels scary, but it is one of the major highlights of the trek that you always remembers and reminisce on when the trek comes to an end.


Chadar trek has many magical and fantasy-like views and things to offer. One of them are its caves. The caves become a mini restaurant where the trekkers stop and have piping hot meals, while enjoying the view around them.


A camping place near the Tibb cave has views that will make you feel like you are in some sci-fi movie. The endless rock formations and the large endless snow-covered landscape make the sight look unreal.


Walking over the frozen river is basically what the trek is all about, but hey, who doesn’t feel their adrenalin rush on just the thought of doing it? The entire course of the trek consists of walking over patches of river that are frozen solid and some patches where your feet might become numb because of the ice cold water that touches them. While traversing the frozen river, you see majestic mountains standing tall all around you and the glistening frozen river paving a path for you.


The beach becomes an overnight camping sight for groups. The Zanskar river flows silently, offering a sense of calm. This is the part of the trek that feels the most relaxing. It’s almost like being in heaven. Sand under your feet, and a partially frozen river flowing endlessly in front – nature has given you a stay at a five million star hotel of your own.

I am sure you have ample reasons to embark on this adventure now, but let me tell you a little secret, these are just a few of the many astonishing views that the Chadar trek holds for those who follow its path.

Many trekkers who have witnessed the grandeur of this journey have often described it as a “spiritual experience which made them a better person in a lot of ways.”

I am sure, all of you are dreaming of making it to this awe-inspiring place. When you are on this trek, you will face a weird dilemma, where the tasks that might seem almost impossible will give you an immense sense of calm and gratitude.

If there’s one thing that I can say without a shadow of doubt, it is that once you experience this journey, no other journey will ever be good enough. You will cherish all the bitter-sweet memories of this trek for your entire life, and the fondness will never ever end.

So, what’s the wait for?