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Stay where you are – top UK stag party destinations!

Having a stag weekend here in the UK is expected to be as popular as ever this coming wedding season. With flights costing more and the pound not stretching quite as far as it used to, even in Eastern Europe, the UK stag party is anticipated to retake the number one spot once again.

Every UK city offers something unique for a stag do, and chances are you haven’t experienced the best aspects of every one. Nottingham has something completely different to offer compared to Newcastle, and Bournemouth is a world apart from Bristol. You just need to know what to do in each destination. All of them offer awesome nights out – different, but awesome.

Bournemouth, with its well known sandy beach, is the ideal for those who want to take to the water – a brilliant idea in the summer months. This seaside town has grown in reputation in recent years now becoming one of the most popular stag and hen places. The night life has stepped up to meet the expectation and there are some great daytime pursuits to be found.

Magaluf hen and stag party

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Bristol has a strong west country influence, so tasting some authentic cider is an absolute must on a stag do there. There are numerous cider houses across Bristol with many of them offering some potentially dangerous concoctions. The city itself is a mad house and a stag party would pretty much go unnoticed. There are loads of things to do and in the evening if you don’t fancy a club then the locals are always ready for a good rave.

Dublin is the birthplace of Guinness and is arguably home to the best brewery of all time. The Guinness storehouse offers a great tour and a restaurant serving Guinness inspired food, with stunning views over Dublin. The Irish love their drink, good music and a party – all the right ingredients for a stag do that won’t disappointment!

Newcastle is an outpost of hedonism. In a bizarre trait, despite the weather being colder, they tend to wear less and as a rule of thumb appear to be more tanned. However this phenomenon happened; don’t let it get in the way of the amazing energy of the place. These guys know how to have a great time. They also have quite a passion for sport with Newcastle FC and Newcastle Falcons

Nottingham is home to one of the few Hooters in the country, nothing could epitomise a stag weekend quite as well as a trip to Hooters. With a few drinks and a meal the fiancé would probably prefer it to a lapdance venue – well that’d be the argument anyway. Home to Robin Hood, a band of merry men are always going to have a great laugh in this city.

With so much to do in the UK, why would you go through the hassle and added expense of travelling abroad? There are numerous cities across the UK with opportunities specific to each destination. Make the most of Britain on your stag weekend and discover somewhere you haven’t been before.