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Why You Should Rent a Car While on Vacation

You should rent a car while you are on vacation to get the most out of your trip. The thrill of cramming your family into a small vehicle if you are unused to non-American automobiles and traveling small country roads is unforgettable. Every pothole and bump you encounter will be one to savor and remember. Road trips make for some of the best vacations, and with a rental car, you can enjoy yours to the fullest.

Take the Road Less Traveled 

When you rent a car, you can meet people and see towns you would not so easily be able to if you were restricted to public transportation. Trains and buses whiz by beautiful scenery so fast and do not always spend a long time in quaint towns you would like to wander around or stay the night in. Besides being cheaper than hiring a taxi to drive you where you want to go, a rental car can take you to places you would not likely otherwise experience.

You Are in Charge 

A rental car gives you the freedom to come and go as you want on your vacation. There is no waiting for the next train to leave, and you can take any route to get where you want to go. On a tour bus, you do not get to stay in particularly interesting places nearly long enough, and you may miss out on some of the sites you want to experience due to time and budget constraints. A rental car is at your service.


If the train, bus or plane is late, you are just stuck. If you have a car while on vacation, you can depend more on its reliability, especially if you are traveling in your own country and your own car is not in good condition. Rental cars generally do not have too many miles on them, and the rental car company will send you another one and or otherwise send help if you break down. Since the cars are newer and in good shape, you can go where you want without too much worry.

Rental cars make vacation more fun with all of the freedom they afford an adventurous traveler. When you are ready to explore more in depth and see the country as a local might instead of through tour bus windows, rent a car.

Image by Between a Rock