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The Best Houseboat Party Spots for 2022

These Are The Houseboat Spots That Should Be On Your Radar For Your Next Party

 As spring approaches, the weather is starting to get a little nicer. Temperatures are rising, which means that it is time to start preparing for that wonderful vacation that you have been waiting for since last year. One way to party that is growing in popularity are houseboats. Houseboats parties can turn lakes into go to spots, and with so many choices for houseboat rentals, it’s a no brainer.

Here is a look at the top houseboat spots throughout the United States.

Lake of The Ozarks (Missouri)

The Lake is known for its gauntlet, where two rows of boats may fire water balloons and super soakers at any moment. The parties at the Lake of the Ozarks have been covered by the New York Times, among others. There are lots of luxury yachts, houseboats and everything in between.

Lake Travis (Texas)

Devil’s Cove is a popular attraction for party goers, and Hippie Hollow is another attractive spot. Lake Travis also has a large water slide that comes with an iPod stereo system and a barbecue pit.

Lake Havasu (Arizona)

Lake Havasu is known for its Bridgewater channel. The original London Bridge was purchased and moved here by Robert McCulloch in the late 60’s when the area was developed to create a tourist attraction. Lake Havasu has been featured on MTV.

Lake Tahoe (Nevada and California)

While at Lake Tahoe, be sure to stop by Zephyr Cove and head to the beach-side bar. While hanging out at Zephyr Cove, you can also play some sand volleyball and enjoy the scenery. Lake Tahoe is seen as one of the party capitals on the West Coast. Every weekend during the summer, you may find floating fiestas and bonanzas.

Lake Cumberland (Kentucky)

The featured anchor on Lake Cumberland is the Harmon Creek Party Cove. Lake Cumberland is the current holder of the Guinness World Record for the largest boat tie up. While on the lake, you will see thousands of different boats, bikes, canoes, and jet skis.

Lake Minnetonka (Minnesota)

Be sure to head to Big Island while visiting Lake Minnetonka. Lake Minnetonka has over 100 miles of Shoreline and multiple bays. Be sure to check out Al and Alma’s Supper Club for great food and views while dining.

Lake Washington (Washington)

While at Lake Washington, check out the Seafair Logbroom, where captains latch crafts to different logs. This results in a cool floating party. There are also hydroplane boat races and overhead air shows at the Seafair Logbroom. During the fall, you can enjoy some cool “on the water” tailgating, as the University of Washington’s football stadium is on the shores of Lake Washington.

Lake Saint Clair (Michigan)

Drop by the big Muscamoot Bay to enjoy a number of different floating parties. There is also a pizza boat delivery service. Lake Saint Clair is the home of the Jobbie Nooner, a water version of Mardi Gras.

Lake Norman (North Carolina)

Lake Norman is home to the Summertime Social Olympics, where there are plenty of drinking games (if that’s your thing). Lake Norman is also known for their V shaped anchor formations.

Lake Martin (Alabama)

While visiting Lake Martin, be sure to visit Chimney Rock to enjoy some cliff jumping. There is also a floating trailer park party. Lake Martin is especially fun to visit during football season, as you’ll hear Crimson Tide football chants all day long across the lake.

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