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Top 10 Trekking Spots In USA

While the United States Of America is known to most people as the World’s Super Power, most people rarely know of the vast range of tourist attraction sites that the country has. One can almost find anything that he or she wishes to have. People who are interested in historical sites can find great archeological sites in the country with monuments of famous people littered all over the country.People who love nature can also get to enjoy the rich variety of plants and animals which live in both land and water. One can also engage in any of the interesting sporting activities that the place makes available. Trekking is another great activity that one can take part in, and the general terrain of the land and the vastness of the country make it a great spot for trekking. However, not every part of the country is ideal for trekking. The following are the top 10 trekking spots in USA that you should definitely try out.

The Pacific Coast Trail

With a trail that is over 4260 kilometers, one is definitely sure of seeing most of the western side of the United States. With hundreds of lakes, dozens of forests and twenty four national parks on your way through this trail, it definitely promises you an adventure that is worth your time. The fact that it passes through six eco-zones only serves to enrich one’s experience when trekking through this trail.

Appalachian Trail

Stretching from Maine to Georgia and passing through several states, this is a trail that is bound to give you the best that the East has to offer as far as scenery is concerned. It is arguably one of the longest marked trails in the whole world, ad this says a lot about what to expect as a person who loves to trek. The painted pointers along the way help one to find his or her way along the trail and thus making the whole experience fun and educating.

Grand Canyon National Park

This is a world-famous park that is known for its vastness and rich scenery. The wealth of experience that one gets through trekking through the Grand Canyon’s 15 trails is great and thus the reason for the overwhelming number of applications. Most people however usually find it a challenge trekking at this spot because they usually forget that they will have to come up and thus are usually exhausted by the time they finish their descent.

Yosemite National Park

With a size that is almost as large as the Rhode Islands, this park offers more than 800 miles of trekking trails. It’s beautiful scenery and vastness is bound to provide an enriching experience to any hiking enthusiast. One should however never forget to visit the El Capitan peak.

Glacier National Park

For those seeking to experience the fullness of nature and not just the walking experience, this is an ideal place to hike. Not only are the isolated lakes beautiful to behold, there is also a variety of wildlife species that will serve to enrich the whole experience. Its famous glaciers are a reason enough for you to visit them.

John Muir Trail

This trail is ideal for hikers who love elevated areas. This is so because the trail lies in highly elevated areas, which is good especially if scenery is an important factor to consider for you. Being one of the longest marked trails, it has granite cliffs, canyons and lakes for your enjoyment.

Zion National Park

This is an ideal spot for people who would like to explore the desert environment. The canyons and cliffs that one encounter along the way make for beautiful scenery and thus providing for a rich trekking experience. The Zion Narrow will also provide a good experience for any lover of gorge hiking.

Arches National Park

The variety that the national park offers in terms of scenery makes it excellent for desert trekking. The sand-stone arches and the red rocks along the trails serve as a leading attraction to this trail. Remembering to carry a lot of water is something that you shouldn’t forget, though.

Mount Whitney

It offers a great opportunity for people who love trekking. Its high placed trail makes it ideal for trekking in high altitudes. You should however be prepared for altitude sickness and fatigue if you are not an experienced hiker, especially when trying to reach the peak.

Denali National Park

This national park is ideal for people who love rugged untamed and rugged spots. Unlike other trails, most of the trekking will be done trail less as there are no marked trails. The challenges that come with hiking at this place, which is among the world’s longest marked trails, will be exhilarating especially for experienced hikers.

Meadow of Yellow Flowers and Mountains

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