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Working Overseas – From Despair to Where?

The economy in England isn’t that strong at the moment and the rising living costs are making it more difficult to live sustainably and commute to work. Whilst the options may be limited in England there are a number of places you can go work overseas, especially in Europe where there are minimal working restrictions for UK citizens. It may be a wise move to go visit where you are planning to move to prior to making the ‘big-move’ and a prepaid currency card will keep you covered till you need to go back home. Look to ICE Exchange Rates for the best current travel exchange rates.


Germany has a low rate of unemployment in comparison to Britain. As a UK citizen you can work in Germany and if you happen to have a grasp of GCSE or A level German you may pick up the language quite quickly, as English is an Anglo- Germanic language. Living costs in cities such as Berlin are apparently a lot lower than major UK cities and the west of Germany, particularly Bavaria, has a burgeoning economy. You are likely to get a better summer climate than in the UK and you can even hop over the border for some skiing in Austria in the winter. As with many of the European countries, many people are fluent in English but it is worth working on your German prior to arrival. If you have experience or an interest in the automotive sector, then Germany could be a place to go and learn a few tricks of trade.


Applying for the ‘International Experience Canada’ only costs £90 and it could grant you with a one year working visa. Canada’s climate is dominated by a true four seasons, with the winter and summer months being the most prominent two in terms of duration. The severity of the cold or heat will also be dependent largely on where in Canada you are based, but in the winter it will be very cold regardless. There are a number of different regions to settle in with many people picking major metropolitan areas such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Montreal has a strong French-Canadian presence which will be suited for French speaking travellers and Vancouver lies in British Columbia, which as its name suggest has a distinct British heritage. There is a booming gaming and technology sector, so people with new media or digital skills may find it a great place to establish themselves and maybe forge a career.


Many countries in Asia hire English graduates to teach English and with the completion of a TEFL course you will greatly increase your chances of attaining a job. That is unfortunately where the prospects tend to end as other jobs will require you to have a natural grasp of the domestic language. However, teaching is something that many people go into after university and end up enjoying the job itself and the benefits associated with it. You also get the chance to experience a vastly different culture and even the opportunity to live in cities such as Tokyo and the city of Singapore.

Where ever you do decide to travel on your year’s holiday be sure to plan your trip thoroughly to ensure you aren’t left in a foreign country unprepared. Make sure you monitor the market to ensure you get the best travel exchange rate possible and the most money to start your adventure with.

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About the author: Adam Porteous writing on behalf of ICE. Click here for more information on their prepaid currency cards and travel exchange rates.