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Snowboarding Norway 2022

For those who want to plan a quick getaway for the weekend or a budget holiday that does not require traveling too far away from the UK, snowboarding Norway may be an excellent option. Conveniently located within quick flight distance from the UK, Norway can offer some great snowparks and all around snowboarding terrains to experienced and novice boarders, which is one reason why snowboarding Norway is becoming a popular choice for many winter holiday planners. Add in picturesque scenery and traditional cottage accommodation and you have the formula for a winter ski holiday that is hard to beat.

For a family snowboarding Norway holiday, the Beitostolen mountain village is a great snowboarding resort location given that it is a well known tourist center and is found within Oppland County near Jotunheimen. 900m above the sea level, Beitostolen is a favorite snowboarding Norway location because snow comes frequently and steadily early in the ski season and usually lasts on average through April allowing for repeated holiday trips if you like. With pistes that reach altitudes of 1100m and plenty of family friendly activities, this is a wonderful snowboarding destination that the entire family can enjoy.

One of the best snowboarding parks in Norway however is found a little closer to Oslo and is called the Hafjell ski resort. The 1994 Olympic slalom races were held here, earning the ski resort its reputation, although it has plenty to offer snowboarders as well including vertical drops of 835m and a massive terrain park for sharpening up overall freestyle skills. In addition, there is a massive floodlight system throughout the major ski resort area so that you can snowboard long into the night if you wish until it is time to clean up and hit the equally massive après ski scene that is spread throughout the region.

Finally, whether you ski Norway or board for those who enjoy extreme sports in general the Voss ski resort is a great choice for great snowboarding trails (around 40 trails), 12 lifts, a special extreme sports week in June called Ekstremsportvekaa, and plenty of additional extreme sport activities that are equally thrilling such as abseiling, rafting, hiking, mountain climbing, and even some fishing if you are so inclined. For a more detailed look at how many snowboarding resorts Norway has to offer as well as some great information on the local resorts and après ski activities check out