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Visiting Australia for The Over 65s

Australia is a fascinating country, vast and varied; it encompasses an entire collection of different types of experiences for everyone. From craggy mountains to stunning beaches, from the incomparable Sydney Opera House to the unforgettable Grand Barrier Reef, there is truly nothing like Australia. Whether the traveller spends a few days here or over a month, there will always be something fascinating to see every day. The desire to visit Australia is a part of every traveller’s dream and travel agents like Anzcro Australia can take care of all the planning whether you’re on a budget or looking for a bit of luxury (Australia is definitely not “just for backpackers”!)

Travellers over 65 years of age have their own constraints and limitations, but Australia is one destination where they can have a great time without worrying about the pace of their holidays and the strain on their bodies. Australia is a big country and the trick lies in deciding what can be part of the itinerary and what can be kept aside for the next visit.

Bustling Cities

When a traveller visits Australia, Sydney is always a part of his schedule. The iconic Sydney Opera House and its bustling harbour, Sydney has the advantage of all attractions being close to the City Centre, thus, cutting down on the travel time. Melbourne, the capital city, is their culture hub and also a city of contrasts, hidden alleyways combined with modern architecture.

Great Barrier Reef and Cairns

Great Barrier Reef Australia

No trip to Australia is complete without a visit to Cairns and a cruise to the Great Barrier Reef. Nature is at her finest here and she offers visions of amazing corals in one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations. For the over 65s, it is easy to just take a glass bottomed boat across the ocean, and have a good look at this natural phenomenon, all the while enjoying the food and snack served in these cruising boats.

Driving around Australia

The Great Ocean Road is the most scenic road in Australia, traversing through wine regions, some stunning scenery and quaint towns and villages. The older generation will enjoy this relaxed drive, and a closer look at Australia’s diversity. There are many inns and resorts along the way, and the tranquil journey combined with a laid back Australian experience can make this a much loved part of the itinerary. Most travel agents organise bus tours or arrange for self-drive cars to make the journey easier.

Australian Outback

Bookabee Tours Australia - Anna Creek

A visit to the Australian Outback is something out of the ordinary. The vastness of this country can only be experienced by a visit to the outback. This is generally combined with a visit to an aboriginal settlement and it also includes a visit to the incomparable Ayers Rock. The convenience about a visit to the outback lies in the fact that it can start on any day of the week and the schedule is fairly flexible.

Sydney, Australia

Australia for the over 65s

Australia is a very laidback country; it is only in the larger cities that the rat race is evident. The beaches, the suburbs, the many shopping malls, and a general ambience of an untroubled and stress-free life are very suitable for those who are older and are seeking a holiday, which is relaxed and easy on their minds and bodies. Here is a country which is just right for the senior citizens to holiday.